Story Box

Because every website has to offer an unique experience

Yes, Browsers that are not supported, will simply be "magic free". Stress Free

Live Examples

The Exit Effects ( hide after display ) are optional

CSS Transitions

     We use the transitions Provided by Animate.CSS, they are smooth & awesome + 10 Zen Special Animations created by us, for you

Cross Browser & Device

     Story tale works on any major browser, it doesn't effect older browsers and it simply doesn't animate anything

Works independently

     This jQuery Extension works alone, you don't need any Javascript Skills, Only HTML

One Minute Setup

     We've put a lot of effort making this plugin working within one minute, and we've tested it countless times

24/7 Email Support

     We offer 24/7 Email support, anytime, no matter what, holidays or not, We are there for you.

Define Yourself

     Create an Unique identity on the web, using Story Box, think different, be different

Created for your Themes & Templates

Entrance Effects

fadeInUp fadeInRight fadeInDown fadeInLeft
fadeInUpBig fadeInRightBig fadeInDownBig fadeInLeftBig
zenFadeInUp zenFadeInRight zenFadeInDown zenFadeInLeft
zenFadeInUpBig zenFadeInRightBig zenFadeInDownBig zenFadeInLeftBig
bounceInUp bounceInRight bounceInDown bounceInLeft
flipInX flipInY rotateIn rotateInDownLeft
rotateInDownRight rotateInUpLeft rotateInUpRight pulse
swing wobble flash tada

Exit Effects | Optional

hinge zenFadeOutUp zenFadeOutRight zenFadeOutDown
zenFadeOutLeft zenFadeOutUpBig zenFadeOutRightBig zenFadeOutDownBig
zenFadeOutLeftBig bounceOutUp bounceOutRight bounceOutDown
bounceOutLeft flipOutX flipOutY rotateOut
rotateOutDownLeft rotateOutDownRight rotateOutUpLeft rotateOutUpRight